Meet Abi


Name - Abi Boss-Haker

Call Name - Abi

Coat - Long coat

Color - Sable

Height - 25in at shoulders

Weight - 70 pounds

Pedigree - CLICK HERE

We added Abi to our kennel in April of 2018 when we imported her from Poland. She has been a great addition to us and brings in a great pedigree with both a working and a show line background. Abi is a very large girl and has nice big bone and a large head so she should produce puppies on the larger end. She has amazing sable coloring and we were so happy to add a new look to our kennel and to own our first sable. Abi has a very working line look but also brings in the beautiful movement and topline of the show dogs. She is such a sweetheart of a dog and loves to be with her people and she loves to run and play with Viggo. She also loves to run with the kids while they are out on their dirt bikes and she stays right with them. Abi will produce both black/red and sable puppies in every litter and we are looking forward to seeing her puppies. She will start her breeding career in 2019 so be sure to watch for her upcoming litters.