Name - Figo Topsilver (Polish Import) 

Call Name - Viggo

Height - 25.75 in at  18 mos. (should mature to about 26 in.)

Weight - 80lbs at 18 mos. (should mature to 85-90)

Coat - Long Coat

Color - Black/Red

Pedigree - CLICK HERE

A-Normal Hips and Elbows

Co-owned with Patchwork Shepherds

We imported Viggo from Poland December of 2017.  He is a gorgeous dog with black tips all over his mane and lots of long silky hair with gorgeous waves in it. He also has very little undercoat. His coloring is spectacular and he has very rich mahogany reds. His saddle is very defined and his black is rich with no white ticking anywhere. Pictures do not do him justice. His temperament is amazing and he is great with everyone. He is very gentle and mild mannered yet loves to get out and run and play with you. He comes in the house and is calm as can be and has a great therapy minded temperament. Viggo is not a dominant dog and does very well with other dogs including the males. He is a good solid well built boy with great structure and a nice big head. His movement is superb with a far reaching gait and follow through. He really drives from his back end and prances around holding his head high. He does a natural stack almost every time he stops and is very showy and proud. Viggo is just a very quiet and gentle dog and is a big love bug. He is sure to produce some amazing puppies. We are so happy with Viggo!