About Lyza (Quasi vom Pendler)


Name - Quasi vom Pendler 

Call Name - Lyza

Coat - Long coat

Color - Black/Red

Height - 24.5 in at shoulders

Weight - 65 pounds

Pedigree - CLICK HERE

Lyza was imported from Poland in 2017 but she was born in Germany. She is daughter of world renowned Zorro Vom La’Mirage. She has top structure and her movement is impeccable. Lyza has a nice blocky head, perfect topline, nice tight feet and a great tail set. She has a good chest and is good sized for a show line dog. Lyza is exactly what we want in a foundation female and she has proved to be a great family dog as well as having the drive to work. Lyza loves to be with the kids and loves attention. One of her favorite things to do is to play with soccer balls. She loves to pop them and to carry them around so my kids have to watch where they leave them. She is good with other dogs as well and is not an overly dominant female. Lyza is just a very easy dog to be around and her beauty is beyond compare. We are looking forward to what this girl will produce and what she can add to our kennel. We couldn’t be happier to have her. Watch for more pictures and updates.