2022 Planned Litters 

Check out our puppies page for puppies that are already born.


NOTE : Breeding dates are ESTIMATES. Sometimes a female will go a bit shorter or longer than expected between cycles. Plan that there may be a difference in the actual breeding dates than what is listed as planned.

Deposits are $250 and are non-refundable but may be transferred to another Hennehaus litter if needed. Please view our deposit contract on the deposit page before making a decision on reserving a puppy.

Dates are when the litter should be bred.  So the puppies will actually be born 2 months after breeding and then puppies stay with mom till 8 weeks of age so plan that puppy will be ready for new homes about 4 months AFTER the planned breeding date.


ALL of our puppies and are sold with SPAY/NEUTER contracts.


Planned Litter Information Coming Soon