Ryker German Shepherd Face

Name - Zorko z Lepos (Polish Import)

Call Name - Ryker

Height - 27.5 in at withers

Weight - ???

Coat - Black/Red Long Coat

Co-owned with Patchwork Shepherds

Stud Fee - $800

Ryker is a very sweet boy with a loving happy personality. He likes to play and to be with his person. He is very attached to his family and is a great protector. One of his favorite things to do is to get the other dogs to chase him around the property. He has a super laid back gentle personality and we expect him to produce very therapy minded dogs. Ryker is not a dominant dog at all and has a go with the flow temperament that makes him a great dog to be around. Is in not alpha and not aggressive at all and is happy to do anything put before him. He has a super easy to train attitude and is not stubborn at all but yet still has the protective side of the German Shepherd. A few weeks after he arrived from Poland the neighbors were doing target practice and he heard the gun shot and instead of getting startled about it he ran towards it barking. He was ready to protect his family and showed no signs of fear. Ryker has very nice structure and a gorgeous long coat. He has one of the most proud stances of any dog I have ever been around. He loves to prance and holds his head high and has gorgeous movement. Ryker will add a lot to our breeding program and we are excited to see what he will produce.